• Senior Quarters, Gulu City, Uganda
  • Fridays & Saturdays 6PM till late

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Founded in 2023, Masaki is a lounge where leisure meets mystique. As table mountain towers over our roof, the deck is the perfect spot to unwind and catch up with friends. Inside our unassuming shell, in the glow of candlelight – that’s where the magic happens; where food awakens the senses and cocktails keep them enticed. Masaki is the playground of celebration and the home of the city’s most seductive house music.

Celebration is at the core of Masaki’s ethos and we’ve curated our space to be a really special location for a variety of events. From the mystic lighting to the soulful music and charming décor, Asoka offers beautiful spaces to choose from for your festivities. Contact our reservation team for details on celebrating in a private room, on the deck or for booking the restaurant out exclusively.

Our Food

Our food menu is put together to offer a unique & varied taste experience with influences from international cuisines and cultures. Our chefs are lovers of sharp flavours, fragrant herbs and rich spices. Asoka’s range of interesting dishes creates dinners that are best shared. We don’t just offer meals, we encourage experiences, and because we understand that a night on the dancefloor can stir up quite the appetite, our kitchen is open until late.


Masaki’s cocktails are legendary, an ode to the bar’s sensual soul. Spirits are fused with the freshest ingredients to create a cocktail experience like no other. Our drinks menu is extensive, a collection of classics and thrilling signatures that continue to embody the essence of Masaki.

Our Music

Masaki offers music that awakens the soul and electrifies the mind. Here, patrons are tantalised by an evening of culinary and rhythmic indulgence. The palpable buzz that unfurls is testament to our belief in the power of soulful sounds to bring people together.